Hope Institute exists to help grow servants of God deeper in their biblical worldview. Classes change each semester and are limited in the amount of people who can take the class do to the space available. The topics that are covered rotate through so if you see a class that you are interested in but has already taken place, don't worry, we will offer it again. The classes meet for a 9 or 12 week span starting in October & January. We occaisionaly offer a summer classes that start in May.

Hope Institute Fall 2018

World Religions

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Hinduism & Buddhism? Do you understand the connection between Islam and the Jewish faith? Starting on September 16th we will be taking a look at the World’s major religions. This time together will result in you learning to contrast the major beliefs of Christianity with those of the major world religions as well as learning how to critically & evangelically interact with major world religions. There will be special guest speakers for some of the classes so you don’t want to miss this! This class is limited in capacity and sign ups are below. For more information you can email Pastor Jeff by clicking here.