July 27, 2017

Hey people of Hope!
I must confess there are a couple of things that raise my anger level from the calm place of “all is cool” to “near murderous rage” within a matter of seconds (I say this to my shame); 1) When someone thinks it’s cool to drive around with an undisciplined dog in the back of his truck or in his car with a window down. Suddenly, without warning, not more than two feet away from my head as I’m running on the side of the road I hear (as violent as a dog can muster) BOW WOW WOW!!!!!! I jump out of my skin every time and fight a vengeful passion after they pass by. Also; 2) When someone thinks it’s cool to power through our neighborhood on a mufflerless motorcycle. The sudden burst of obnoxious noise sends me instantly into orbit and I find myself wishing I could get my hands on him. Are there things that take you instantly from 0 to 100 on the anger scale? In cases like I mentioned, there isn’t much one can do to prevent the response of anger because it happens instantaneously in the category of a fight or flight response. The question is; what do you do the moment you get angry? We find in Ephesians 4:26, ““In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry” In other words, deal with your anger quickly in the proper way. Thoughts of harming someone should immediately be given to God. The quicker we bring the situation to God, the quicker our anger-O-meter will return to “all is cool”
Men! Food! Join us this Saturday at 8:00 for another great breakfast to start your day as you make a friend or two. We’ll hear what God has done to change the life of a man in our midst. We’ll be done by 9:00.
Join myself and Jeff for lunch and discussion about Hope. This time is both for those interested in membership and those who are simply curious. Takes place after the 2nd service with childcare available. Let Jeff know you’re interested; jeffsmith@hope-fellowship.net
CHURCH HIKE – August 25th  

We’re taking a hike at Sheep/Chrystal Lake near Mt. Rainier. We’ll leave from the church lot at 7:00 am and be home before dinner. Mark your card Sunday if you’re thinking about joining us.
Our small groups will be officially kicking off in September. Small groups meet in homes during the week and provide a sense of community that God wants for all believers. The Bible, prayer for needs, friendship and food are usually part of a small group. Some new groups will be starting up so please contact Jeff to get connected; jeffsmith@hope-fellowship.net
If you or your child may be interested in being involved in our Christmas play this year please contact Gary Schultz for more information. Practices will begin in September. gdschultz1965@hotmail.com

If you would like to help make a difference in a child’s life this school year, consider helping with our midweek children’s program called Awana. Lisa will be putting people in various positions soon for the fall so please let her know if you’re willing to join in and help;
See you soon,