July 19, 2018

People of Hope!
I’ve been getting practice taking care of my hairy, four-legged grandson lately. The weirdest part is walking him along the road and figuring out a “cool” way to pick up dog turds with a plastic baggie. I’ve found that certain activities are best done under the cover of darkness, and bagging doggie poo is definitely one of them. Have you noticed that most things that God tells us to stay away from are best done under the cover of darkness? Isaiah seemed to capture this perfectly, “Woe to those who go to great depths to hide their plans from the LORD, who do their work in darkness and think, “Who sees us? Who will know?” (Isaiah 29:15) So if you are compelled to carry out something under the cover of darkness it may not be something God would want for you. He steers you away from behavior that he hates. By the way, behavior He hates isn’t usually the best for you…like holding a turd in your hand in public.
GREAT JOB!!     
It is awesome to watch those of you who have committed time for the Kidz Summer Camp care for those kids! Wow!!
I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we continue in the current series in the book of Ephesians with a message called “The Joining”
SENIOR LUNCH - Wednesday    
Seniors! Come out next Wednesday for the pot luck lunch that begins at 12:30 here. It’s always a great time to get out, meet and catch up with folks. I look forward to seeing you there.
LADIES MUG & MUFFIN – Welcome Nicole Fulton – Aug. 28th  
There will be a “pounding” for Nicole Fulton on August 28th starting at 9:30 am. Elliott and Nicole just moved here from Spokane for the Youth and Young adults position here and this would be a great way to welcome Nicole. You may be thinking; “Are the ladies going to pound Nicole?!” Yes indeed! You’ll bring a certain measure (a pound) of a non-perishable food item, spice, seasoning, condiments, cleaning supply or any other pantry item you can think of.  Also bring a brunch dish and juice to share for the brunch. Contact Leslie with questions; lesliedavis24009@gmail.com
Invite some friends to chillax on a Snoqualmie Falls hike Saturday, July 28th. Meet 1:00 at Hope. Contact Elliott with questions; elliottfulton@hope-fellowship.net
NEWCOMERS LUNCH – August 12th      
Join us for lunch after the 2nd service on August 12th for lunch and discussion about the church. If you’re new or interested in membership this is the class for you. It’s approximately and hour long and includes lunch and childcare. Email Jeff if you’re planning to attend; jeffsmith@hope-fellowship.net
SENIOR ADULT RETREAT – October 22-24    
Seniors! Contact Ron Gamble if you’re interested in gathering at Canon Beach, Oregon with others from the Northwest for an enjoyable time of fellowship, entertainment and learning. There are brochures on the Information Desk and you can contact Ron Gamble for more information; rongambleusa@comcast.net.
See you Sunday!