December 28, 2017

Hey people of Hope,
Can you believe the snow on Christmas this year? If I recall correctly that’s exactly why I vowed to leave Michigan and never return. I remember an incident driving my Mustang with mom in the car. There was snow on the road covering some black ice and I hit a patch just as I gunned the gas…..oh boy!! If I recall correctly, the most memorable event wasn’t the car spinning in circles on the road, it was the ear-piercing screams of my little Italian mom who thought she was going to lose her life. Traction is important isn’t it? Traction is the support needed for something to make progress. If you don’t have traction, you spin in circles! How do you gain traction with God? A huge part of it is being familiar with what He has revealed to us in His Word….the Bible. Have you ever read it? As you may know, every year I challenge you to join me in doing it…. I can honestly say it’s been one of the most rewarding habits I’ve ever developed in my life. I’ve been reading through the Bible at least once each year for the last 30 years and I never get tired of doing it. Someone just emailed me this week to let me know how rewarding it was to read through the Bible this past year. I urge you in our Lord Jesus to find a quiet time each day to read at least 5 pages in your Bible and talk to God about what you’ve read. Get some traction! And drive safe!
What better place to be on the eve of a new year than declaring Jesus to be your highest priority in life? Make plans to celebrate Jesus on New Year’s eve with your brothers and sisters here at Hope. The service times will be the same.
Join Jeff and I for a lunch and discussion about Hope Fellowship after the 2nd service on January 7th. This is for anyone who is interested in getting to know us and learn about the church a little more. We’ll also explain membership in case you’re wondering about that. Childcare is available for this. Mark your connection card this Sunday or email Jeff to let us know you’ll be there.
WOMEN’S STUDY – January 9th 
Ladies! A great way to start the year with a perspective of health with a study called Made to Crave.  Meetings will take place on Tuesdays at two different times with childcare included. Mornings from 9:30-11:00 am and Evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm. Don’t forget to mark your connection card this Sunday.
MEN’S GROUP – January 9th
Join me for a 10-week study called STEPPING UP – A Call to Courageous Manhood. In a culture intent on defacing true masculinity, this study lays the foundation for men to think through what it truly means to be a man. Older men, step up and bring a young man with you! We’ll be meeting on Tuesdays at 7:00. Email me back to let me know you’ll be there!
See you soon,